Live Stream Studio in Singapore

Hybrid Events

Staging an exceptional and memorable hybrid event is no easy feat, especially with complex technical and equipment demands. The Executive Group is here to deliver with our top-tier hybrid and virtual event management services in Singapore. No matter the scale of your event, we consistently deliver high quality solutions and expertise to make an impact.

Our dedication to produce incredible hybrid events has been recognised by many industry leaders. The proof is in the pudding; our stellar event management services have received rave reviews from world-leading multi-national companies, endorsing the quality of our event productions.

Our event production services are thorough and thoughtful from beginning to end. We’ll start with providing a suitable event venue for you to hold your event, and work with you through event production, LED wall rental, audio and lighting solutions and figuring out how to live stream your event to multiple platforms. That way, your meticulously-planned event can reach audiences beyond the confines of a physical space, and you’ll always have pre- and post-production video recordings to commemorate and remember the event.

We also make it a point to personalise our working partnerships with each and every client, conducting on-site visits to guide you through the process. By asking the right questions, we unleash the full potential of your event. Our turnkey solutions for hybrid events and seamless TV production style broadcast are bound to satisfy your event needs.


Live Stream Studio in Singapore

The live stream services are in demand more than ever. We are the name you can count on when you need to communicate in real time with your business and clients. We provide live stream in Singapore for various events, to convey the content to the audience properly. Our team aims to make the live video streams more interactive and engaging by adding visual elements like overlays, graphics, etc. We have top-quality equipment, and a team of experienced professionals to curate a perfect experience for the viewers.

Why choose The Executive Group For Live Stream In Singapore?

The live stream services in Singapore by Executive Group serve different purposes. Our company provides solutions with an integrated program that involves all the required services like event production, venue management, and many more. We aim to provide an immersive experience for virtual and hybrid events to the audience with the help of our advanced camera and control systems. With our experienced team versed in event management, you can make sure that the live stream is engaging and effectively convey the information to the audience. Even if you don’t have a studio space, you can visit our live streaming green screen studio at The Grand Hyatt Hotel Singapore, and deliver the live events efficiently.

Live Stream Studio in Singapore
  • High-Quality Equipment

    With the usage of production-quality lighting and best-in-class cameras and audio equipment, you can make the most out of a live stream. High-quality equipment ensures that your event has a professional touch appealing to the audience.

  • Easy To Manage Streams

    We provide quality solutions for virtual events like webinars, live streams, lectures, and many more. It lets you focus on the things that matter the most. Leave the rest to our experienced team members. The live event will be broadcasted by us without any hassle.

  • Experienced Team

    We have a team of professionals having past experience of working with clients like major hotel brands in Singapore and making their events a success. So, even if you have no past experience in managing an event, The Executive Group has got you covered!

Multi-Camera Streams

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By setting up multiple cameras at different angles, the focus can be shifted to different topics as and when required. This way, the audience gets more clarity over the topic and finds the content easy to understand. We assure your live events have a professional touch.

Remote Live Streams

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Remote live streams are a good way of interaction when the speaker and the audience are present at different locations. We incorporate the use of high-quality production software to bridge the gap between you and the audience, to provide a highly interactive experience.

Pre-Recorded Streams

Pre Recorded Streams

Pre-recorded streams provide a captivating experience to the audience by combining the live elements with recorded video footage. With our experienced team handling all the technicalities, you can focus on the audience and deliver the content effectively.

Green Screen Studio in Singapore

Green Screen Studio in Singapore

At our green screen studio at The Grand Hyatt Singapore, you can enhance your virtual event experience with state-of-the-art camera and control systems, creating immersive visual experiences which will reel your audience in and get your message across. Using a green screen for event production services and live video streaming allows you to save costs and time, compared to location shoots which require sophisticated equipment and a large crew. With our experience in green screen virtual event management, rest assured that your next live stream will be a seamless success.

Our studio is centrally located at Orchard, the heart of Singapore, with a wide-ranging selection of 5-star services and Food & Beverage options in the vicinity. For corporate events, pre-recorded live video streaming or live streams across multiple platforms, we’re ready to customise solutions to fit your exact needs so you don’t have to fuss over the minute details – leave it all to us.

Green screen live video streaming also allows you to be creative with your set design and wow your audience. We offer custom designs for your live video streaming set. With our keen eye for detail, we’ll set the stage for your brand to succeed and be presented in the best light.

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