LED Wall Rental, Sound & Lighting Support Provider in Singapore

The Executive Group is the one-stop solution for excellent event equipment rental services , distribution and installation in Singapore.

Sound Rental & Support

We provide business-to-business rentals and technical support for professional audio equipment. Our equipment is suitable for: outdoor parties, festivals, concerts, weddings, private and corporate events and more. We use the latest sound equipment ranging from high-end digital boards, quality named musical instruments to industry recognised microphones. Our equipments are regularly monitored and tested to ensure you the perfect production. In addition, we have an array of in-house services, providing professional voiceovers for commercials, tutorials, trailers, personalised jingles and more.

concert production

For concerts with extensive equipment requirements, we are one of the few outfitters able to supply an all-in-one event suite to facilitate the running of concerts and large scale events. Whether you need an LED video wall or audio equipment for your concert, you can depend on us for reasonable rental and top-of-the-line services in Singapore.

pro dj set up

For events that require a professional DJ, we are able to work directly with the artist to provide industry standard specialist DJ equipment such as Pioneer, Technics, Denon and others to meet their rider requirements.

Lighting Rental & Concepts

We provide a range of lighting equipment suitable for everything from private shows to large venues, customizing each lighting concept to crystallize your vision. From moving heads to led pars and lighting up an ambience to wash out an entire venue, we have transformed stages and ballrooms including the walls and even the ceilings with the help of handy LED walls!

Projection Mapping

For an added touch, projection mapping can be harnessed to convert the interior or even the exterior of your venue into a display piece — All the world’s a stage.

LED Wall & Concepts

In tandem with our custom lighting solutions, we can supply LED (video) wall solutions to provide immersive visual experiences to further enhance your event.

Pro live band setup

Getting a band together may be a daunting task, but getting optimal stage sound for every instrument in every band is essential. The band’s performance can passively strengthen your event’s worth through creating good memories with the audience. Poor sound optimization on the other hand will be memorable too, in a bad way. Imagine the guitars overpowering everyone else in the band, hollow sounding drums, muffled vocals along with the dreaded ear-piercing feedbacks, all of that while being too loud for comfort – these are just some of the many factors we look out for. Being heavily invested in the music field ourselves, we understand the performers’ perspectives and their requirements, allowing us to create solutions for every potential problem. Working with world-class brands such as DW, Pearl, Tama, Marshall, Boss, Shure, Sennheiser, Electro-Voice and many others, we deliver uncompromised quality to our performers so that they too, can deliver nothing but their best to the audience on stage in every show.

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