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Building on years of experience and teams of proven professionals, The Executive Group is the premier company for led wall rental in Singapore. We offer industry-standard Audio, Video and lighting equipment rentals from LED Walls, Projectors to Live Streaming Equipment.

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As experts and authorised dealers for sound equipment brands like Electro-Voice, we put carefully curated, state-of-the-art audio equipment and sound systems in the hands of experienced professionals. This includes digital audio mixers, speaker systems, and all the necessary manpower needed for clear and smooth-running sound at your event. Our team is familiar with various types of events ranging from concerts to corporate events providing expert consulting and advice on top of handling operations. We provide full set-up and standby throughout the event and disassembly afterwards, so you can rest assured that your event runs smoothly, as planned.


Holding dance parties can be challenging as it requires high-energy entertainment. As part of our wide range of entertainment options, The Executive Group has access to professional DJs and the requisite, industry standard DJ equipment needed to deliver a quality, end-to-end experience at your event.


Visuals matter, whether you are hosting a live event with physical attendees or a live stream hybrid event. They keep attendees engaged and the event on track with modern, professional visual displays like LED walls. You can elevate your event’s overall visual concept to a premium. The Executive Group team of experienced specialists offers LED wall rental in Singapore. We have varied sizes including a show-stopping custom walkthrough video wall to guarantee any and all visual concepts you have in mind to be a reality.

LED walls are adaptive to different venues and give true colour to images. It’s a fabulous way to engage audiences and showcase event-related videos and presentations. We rent LED walls in Singapore for live streaming, fashion shows, sporting event highlights, music festival staging, storage signage and promotions.


As a veteran frontrunner in events production, The Executive Group is one of the few companies able to provide end-to-end options for concert and larger-scale event productions.We are experts in LED wall rentals in Singapore that are compact, reliable and cost-effective.From general audio-visual lighting and sound to specific rental services like LED video walls, we’ll make sure your event makes the lasting impression you’re expecting for all of the many attendees. With the know-how of our own team of operation experts, we’ll do all the work from the installation of LED walls to their disassembly, so you can focus on your event and attendees with peace of mind.


Leaning on the expertise of our own lighting specialists, The Executive Group offers professional services with handpicked, top-of-the-line equipment and the on-site capabilities of experienced lighting programmers throughout the event. We offer services to scale, with various lighting packages and expert consultancy to ensure your events get the services they need, at the best quality possible.


There’s nothing quite like the buzz from entertainment at a live event. The Executive Group offers a range of professional set-up for Live bands. From a smaller, more subtle 2-piece group to a grand, lively 9-piece band set up, we’ll help you keep your live band acoustics free from distracting frequencies. Our range and technical riders of musical equipment, large system professional audio and stage monitoring systems are well suited for celebrity musicians and the local bands.


With physical attendance, the expectations of in-person guests at your event are high. Blow these expectations out of the water and leave a lasting impression on attendees and in their Instagram Stories, with a show-stopping feature like our projection display. For either the interior or exterior of your venue, our specialists have got you covered from concept to mapping to operation, so you can sit back and enjoy both your event and the reactions of your guests.

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