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How do you want your next event to be remembered? Here at The Executive Group, we make every event an unforgettable, electrifying experience. Our selection of live bands, emcees, DJs and entertainers are bound to enthrall and excite your audience with a jam-packed night of entertainment.

The Executive Group Difference

We’re not just another run-off-the-mill events company. With years of experience running successful live, virtual and hybrid events for big brands in Singapore, we know exactly what it takes to put on a good show. We’ll work with you hand-in-hand, to determine your unique requirements and event needs. From there, we’ll come up with the best entertainment solutions and roadmap to prepare you for a successful event that your brand can be proud of.

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How We Can Help

Live, in-person events can deliver powerful brand experiences. Make yours one to remember.


Give our emcees a microphone and watch as they effortlessly take charge of the stage and charm your audience.

Our emcees are true veterans who have mastered the art of “charming the audience”. Their professionalism and eloquence will be great fit for your corporate event, which may include seminars, conferences and product launches. They are sure to leave a good impression on your VIPs and Guests of Honour.

As we help you prepare for your next event segment, let them engage in light banter with your audience, or facilitate some fun bonding games and activities. With the right emcee, you can help your audiences feel at ease as they soak in the enjoyment of the night.



Need to pair a DJ with a saxophonist or violin player? We’ve got you covered. Your event deserves individual attention and a customized performance programme, which is why we offer fresh live entertainment segments for every show. With every event, we put together never-before-seen performances and unique sets to awe the crowd.



Ready for a rush of adrenaline? Our DJs will rev up the energy of your live event with high-energy mixes that is sure to get your audience all pumped up. Corporate events, private events, staff retreats – regardless of the nature of your event, our DJs are prepared to enliven the atmosphere with their carefully curated tunes.



Stage presence is vital in every venue to keep guest entertained and mesmerised. If you’re in search of world-class, professional talents to be part of your venue, look no further! The Executive Group is proud to represent an impressive catalogue of artistes who are skilled and able to entertain with different genres. We rehearse, conceptualise music and entertainment according to your establishment. Our experience in providing live bands and DJs lies with 5-star establishments such as The Grand Hyatt Singapore, Fullerton Bay and The Fullerton Hotel Singapore and many more. We are in the business of providing entertainers and not just artistes to perform the usual night to night performance. From the good old music to the latest top hits, we ensure your guest comes back for more. Having spent decades of their lives as DJs, Emcees and Musicians before forming The Executive Group, our board of directors are hands on in curating the perfect entertainment for your establishment or your next event!



If you require the presence of a well-known local star at your next event, we have the connections you need to land a celebrity booking. Over the years, we’ve nurtured lasting working relationships with local and global celebrities and have helped countless clients invite stars to grace their event stages.

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Nothing brings people together like music does. A good tune goes a long way in entertaining a crowd, and our variety of local and international live bands are ready to put on a great live soundtrack to your event. With a selection of genres to lift your audiences’ moods, you’ll be spoilt for choice between our many local and international talents.

events management company singapore entertainment

The world is a stage
The stage is a world of entertainment