Based in the vibrant heart of Asia, GRAVITY ignites stages with an electrifying fusion of global rhythms and melodies. Its members, hailing from diverse corners of the world, bring a kaleidoscope of cultural influences to their performances.

From the pulsating beats of Latin America to the soulful sounds of R&B, and the infectious grooves of top party anthems, their music transcends boundaries, captivating audiences from all walks of life. Hailed as probably the top live band in Singapore, some of the major acts that members of Gravity have shared the stage with include Westlife, Black Eyed Peas, Guns and Roses, Spice Girls, Metallica, and Ozzy Osborne

With a dynamic repertoire spanning multiple languages and genres, GRAVITY effortlessly creates an atmosphere of celebration wherever they go, uniting people through the universal language of music.

Julianne Costa – Vocalist

Julianne Costa is a singer / songwriter from Los Angeles, California.  She reached new heights in her successful career as an entertainer on her 7 year long world tour performing across Asia, the Middle East, and USA.  She captivates audiences of all ages with her powerful voice and charismatic personality. She’s been featured on leading television networks such as MTV USA, MTV China, Fashion TV, Amazon, ABC Studios Hollywood, IMAX, and Miramax Records.  She is also a trusted spokeswoman for reputable brands.  With her extensive knowledge and rich experience ranging from film, television, concerts, recording sessions to international performances you can be guaranteed an unforgettable performance.  Julianne prides herself on creating memorable experiences and wowing her audiences around the world.

Luke Buirski – Lead Guitarist

Brian Montoya

Born in Colombia, Brian is a man of many talents and can play a multitude of various instruments such as bass, electric guitar and drums apart from the piano and keyboard. He has performed and toured with various bands across South America (Ecuador, Colombia, Peru), Japan and China before coming to Singapore joining GRAVITY


Teague Bass is touted as one of the most talented bassists in Asia bringing his dynamism and unparalleled energy to every performance. A hyper/ versatile musician whose vast repertoire spans across blues, rock, R&B, hip hop, house, reggae, ska and pop, Teague was originally born and raised in Michigan, USA but has made Asia his home for over 25 years. Since the 80s Teague has toured with  numerous countries outside the USA including Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, France and Germany.


Navin has toured with many world-renowned artists such as Ricky Martin, Ah Mei and Sheryl Crow and has performed at international festivals such as the Mosaic Festival and Heineken Jazz Festival. Navin’s strength lies in his versatility with the ability to play all percussion-based instruments and a wide range musical styles ranging from Pop, Jazz, African, Brazilian and Indian beats.

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