Gravity Band is a mix of some of the top international and local artists in Singapore.  They are  unmatched between talent, experience, and a killer show. MTV USA, MTV Asia, NETFLIX, Amazon, IMAX, NAS Daily, The Final One, Dubai World Cup, TCS, Rockestra are just a few places you could catch someone from Gravity.  Westlife, Black Eyed Peas, Guns and Roses, Spice Girls, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne are just some names that members of Gravity have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with, opening for or collaborating with.  When we tell you their experience is unmatched, we are not exaggerating. We are the top live band in Singapore.  

The Gravitational pull to Gravity is calling YOU.  

They are calling you to party! 

They are calling you to have an epic night! 

They are calling you to have a night to remember!  

Gravity Band has a wide repertoire of music all the way from old school, disco, Latin, top 40’s, rock, blues, to the current top songs on Billboard.  When you watch Gravity, you can’t help but pull out your phone to video their amazing concert-like show.  Join us and see what all the hype is about.

Julianne Costa – Vocalist

Julianne Costa is a singer / songwriter from Los Angeles, California.  She reached new heights in her successful career as an entertainer on her 7 year long world tour performing across Asia, the Middle East, and USA.  She captivates audiences of all ages with her powerful voice and charismatic personality. She’s been featured on leading television networks such as MTV USA, MTV China, Fashion TV, Amazon, ABC Studios Hollywood, IMAX, and Miramax Records.  She is also a trusted spokeswoman for reputable brands.  With her extensive knowledge and rich experience ranging from film, television, concerts, recording sessions to international performances you can be guaranteed an unforgettable performance.  Julianne prides herself on creating memorable experiences and wowing her audiences around the world.


Farhanah Khan – Vocalist

Farhanah Khan, better known by her stage name SYUGA, is a singer with 10 years of professional singing experience in Singapore’s nightlife music industry. Highly influenced by RnB, Hip hop, Retro and Classic Rock, Syuga’s diverse musical taste allowed her to explore her love for music in every genre possible. On top of having experiences as a performance trainer at the Singapore Show Choir Academy, Syuga made a TV debut with her talents on a local singing television programme called The Final One 2 in 2015. Other experiences include working closely with 91.3 FM, IMC live global, Nparks for Rockestra and Urbansonic. Her main belief is to shine in your own skin & bring your flavour. The stronger the personality, thebettertheshow!


Fai – Vocalist

The male vocalist of the band, Fai is a high energy performer that impresses with his smooth vocals and choreographed dance moves. He gets the audiences on their feet with songs like “I Feel Good” and “Uptown Funk” and he interacts with the audience like a seasoned musician.


Luke Buirski – Lead Guitarist

Hailing from Australia, Luke Buirski is a well-known guitarist that has performed with many local bands across Singapore. Besides writing his own songs, Luke brings a unique style of music to Gravity. With more than 20 years of experience, Luke is a powerhouse on stage and his stage antics always gets the crowd moving.


Brian Montoya

Born in Columbia, Brian Montoya is the synergy behind the band. Brian is very talented on keyboards, and he harmonizes with the band. His inspiration includes Daddy Yankee, Marc Anthony and Santana. Brian has toured across Latin America and Japan.



With forty years of experience, Teague is famous for his energetic style of performance. Originally from the United States, Teague has played bass in clubs in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. His showmanship continues to wow audiences from all walks of life. 



As the heartbeat of the band, Shawn has been exposed to various styles of drumming for more than 10 years. With a knack for funky music and having an extensive experience in military drumming, Shawn’s satisfaction in drumming comes when the audience starts grooving to the beat!

drum artist

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