Hybrid Event

Tips for Planning Your Next Hybrid Event and What You Need to Know

It seems like a lifetime ago, but only recently during the pandemic, the MICE (Meeting, Incentives, Conventions, and Exhibitions) industry came to an absolute standstill with closed borders and lockdowns disrupting international travel and placing restrictions on large gatherings.

These challenges however forced a rethinking of traditional event formats by organisers. In the face of adversity, new solutions led by technological innovations helped the industry adapt and the ‘hybrid event’ was born.

“Administration support for hybrid events as well as actionable roadmaps and safety measures has seen Singapore blaze new trails for the Conventions, Meetings, Incentives, and Exhibitions industry in the new normal.”

                                  Singapore Tourism Board

Countries like Singapore have led the way in reimagining events through hybrid formats that combine the best of both physical and digital worlds. This trend towards hybrid events, which offer accessibility, convenience, and connection, is ready to reshape the MICE industry in profound ways.

Understanding the Hybrid Event 

A hybrid event refers to a large gathering of guests who attend it in person or via online mediums from any corner of the world. These formats allow for a more inclusive and flexible event experience, catering to attendees who may prefer or need to participate virtually. 

Furthermore, hybrid events may not be easy to organize as compared to other event types, but its benefits are more than face value. Some of which include:

  • Hybrid events provide more opportunity to gather data and metrics which can help boost your marketing stategy
  • Hybrid events allow individuals to experience the event virtually if they cannot attend an in-person conference due to any reasons (such as logistical or other). 
  • These events assist with reducing carbon footprint. With a limited audience, your event will help reduce the amount of food waste, transportation costs, and other epenses. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Hybrid Event 

Not Understanding WHY

Clarity on Purpose: There is a need to have a clear understanding of why you are planning a hybrid event. Without a strong rationale, proceeding further is pointless.

Consider Alternatives: Virtual and in-person events are viable alternatives. Understand what makes a hybrid format right for your attendees.

Maximise Audience Reach: Hybrid events can extend the boundaries of your audience reach, giving guests the choice of how to participate, which is particularly relevant in the current climate.

Learn from Successful Examples: Several reputed in-person event agencies have successfully adopted hybrid formats, resulting in effective performances and exceeding brand reach expectations.

Focus on the Main Goal: Regardless of the particular reason for planning a hybrid event, a clear vision towards your main goal is significant for successful execution.

Not Using the Right Platform to Capture Your Virtual Audience

Not using the ideal platform for your virtual attendees can be a huge mistake. It can not only affect their current experience but also compel them to think twice while attending your event.  

For your virtual audience, your platform is essentially their venue. Make sure you have an easy-to-use and reliable platform that can not only help make your event successful but also trustworthy for your audience. When you give shape to your hybrid event with ‘The Executive Group’, you become eligible to attain the following facilities: 

  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • Easy delegate registration process
  • Multi-stream capability 
  • Audience interactivity including Q&A, Chat, and Polls  

Underestimating Technical Requirements

Underestimating technical requirements means inviting unwanted issues to your hybrid event. It can derail your event and hit the overall arrangements of your event. To avoid such happenings, you should pay attention to the following:  

  • Invest in the right technology

For your virtual event creation, a stable internet is highly required. A minor breakage in your internet connection can affect the interest of each attendee. Additionally, use high-quality audio-visual equipment to present your ideas graphically. 

  • Must have a backup plan

You must have a backup plan to cover up any sudden changes or unforeseen circumstances that may affect the overall ambience of the event.

  • Conducting Tech Rehearsals

To avoid any end-moment troubles and alterations, you should conduct tech rehearsals before the event day to resolve any technical or other issues. It will indicate the successful completion of your hybrid event planning.

Lack of Effective Event Promotion

Your event’s attendance determines its success. There are certain steps to follow to achieve this:

Effective Marketing for Event Success

  • Utilise the Internet for Promotion
  • Use exceptional graphics or visual effects for advertisement
  • Publish event details, schedules, and updates on your official website
  • Advertise on Social Media Platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Use Multiple Channels for Outreach

  • Utilise Email Marketing
  • Use Event Apps (available in the market)

Build Relationships and Expand the Talent Community

  • Develop Interest and Awareness Over Time
  • Avoid Last-Minute Scramble for Guest Invitations

Forgetting That Data is King.

After the hybrid event is over, remember to measure its success. To ensure your upcoming events stay perfect, make sure to solicit feedback that helps you know what works well or what does not. You can get insights from 

  • Guests (both in-person and virtual)
  • Speakers
  • Sponsors 

You can use automated systems to gather candidate feedback on the event, email them to tell them of the following steps, and schedule interviews. This collected data or feedback assists you in refining your hybrid event strategy and results in fruitful event creations in the future. 

Lastly, organising a hybrid event is an ideal way to boost your business growth and build strong relationships. It is the best platform for people who cannot be a part of your corporate gathering.

With 20 years of event planning under its belt, you’re in safe hands with The Executive Group when it comes to planning your next hybrid event.
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