Live Event

Asia Pacific Agri-food Innovation summit

Event Overview 

From 16th November 2021 – 18th November 2021, the Asia Pacific Agri-food Innovation summit event took place in Singapore at The Grand Ballroom of The Grand Hyatt Hotel. Our Event Production Company supported the live Stream in Singapore with experts. It was an informative summit, with industry experts sharing their thoughts on how digital transformation is driving the agri-food industry forward. Throughout the event, we facilitated a live and virtual event in Singapore for clients to have a second channel during the speeches that took place in between sessions.
The event had 250 attendees in the Grand Ballroom, while virtual participants tuned in online from all over the world. A number of audiences have enjoyed the live Stream from their home. Many high-level speeches took place over the three days and were projected on a massive screen for everyone to see during each session. We had a chance to introduce our latest Sony PTZ camera that is placed around the ballroom. The PTZ showcased its ability to capture various angles with multiple zooms, which broadcasted the event in more professional and “interesting cuts” for audiences watching online.

What is the purpose of the summit?

The summit’s main objective is to bring together industry leaders, CPG and ingredient brands, entrepreneurs, investors, retailers, and policymakers to share ideas and collaborate towards greater security and sustainability in Asia’s agri-food system. Many experts and top influencers provide insights and share their opinions on the current issues that our industry is facing. These include:

  • How to scale food production sustainably – what does this mean for Asia-Pacific’s agricultural sector?
  • Sustainable supply chain challenges – why should businesses of all sizes be involved in sustainability?
  • The consumer viewpoint – what are the sustainability influencers, and why should they be focused on?
  • What do younger generations expect from their food brands? How can businesses respond to this changing demographic?
  • How should investors balance return with social responsibility in an age of transparency?
  • Sharing insights into the future of Asia-Pacific’s agri-food industry

As well as hearing from some notable speakers, attendees also networked with several business opportunities throughout the event.

There were many exhibitors on-site, too, during the three days of the summit. These included brands showcasing technologies and services to help businesses grow, scale, and become more sustainable.

Well-regarded speakers in the agri-food industry took part throughout the three days of the summit, delivering thought leadership talks and engaging sessions.

The Major Elements of The Event

Many elements make up the hybrid event successful. These include panel discussions, presentations by well-known keynote speakers, and networking opportunities for senior executives. There were also opportunities to learn more about the latest technologies and services that can help businesses grow.
Since the summit was held over three days, it allowed many of the speakers an opportunity to share more comprehensive ideas on how they think agri-food can move forward through digital transformation. While the event had more than 250 attendees in the Grand Ballroom, tuning in virtually was over 1000 participants online. As one of the best virtual event companies in Singapore, we provided a live stream for clients to have a second channel during the speeches that took place in between sessions. Our talented event planners made this possible, who also recorded the event for future use.

The Key Takeaways

Multiple Camera Angles to Capture

The unique camera angles included using zoom for tight shots and wide shots as well as getting audience reaction with side camera angles. In addition, we captured great shots of the audience during the presentations. This is one of our signature productions, including the audience, presenter, and slides.

Combining the multiple camera angles gave our clients and audiences watching the live stream a different perspective on the event. It also gave them a chance to watch it back at their own convenience, which is ideal for future reference.

On-site Engineers to Support Virtual Speakers Dialling In

We had placed our on-site engineers to aid during the session. If there was a problem, one of our on-site engineers would jump into action to resolve any issue that may have occurred.

Floor Monitors

The presentations required us to provide floor monitors to be used as a reference during their keynotes. We were able to use a large format projector as a teleprompter and LED screens.

Our Specialist Team

Our live stream team in Singapore was able to provide excellent support throughout the event. We had specialists in both audio and lighting who could plan, design, set up, and break down for each important presentation. Our VMIX operator on board was able to manage all the video mixing streaming software with ease. Finally, we also had a dedicated engineer who could handle the equipment and make sure all Live Stream requirements were met. Our preparation and planning for this event, and the equipment we provided, gave our client a great event experience. We wanted to ensure that as the best event production in Singapore, we could provide top-notch service and broadcast-quality streams for all our clients

Large Format Projection with 2 PIPS

We were able to provide a special type of large-format projection in the ballroom. This included a high-quality projector installed by The Grand Hyatt Singapore with a custom-sized projection. This allowed the presenters to show content on-screen while presenting to the audience. As an added touch during one of the presentations, we also had two live feeds on-screen as a PIP for some of the speakers dialling in remotely.

Live Event Streaming

We took live video conferencing to the next level by providing our live stream services in Singapore. Our VMIX operator had to be always ready. We wanted to make sure that we could mix video, audio, and graphics on-demand without any delays during each important presentation. The result was a very engaging presentation by the presenters and an easy systematic workflow for all our speakers and attendees. When it comes to organizing the best event, we, as a top event company in Singapore, understand the value of seamless integration between Live Stream and virtual presentations while taking advantage of custom URLs. This allowed for a more efficient solution while using our video conferencing capabilities.

A New Way to Engage Audiences

Our team has provided different ways of engaging audiences through video conferencing and live streaming. This is part of our integrated approach, which provides clients with a variety of options they can choose from depending on their needs.

The result of this event was excellent. We delivered outstanding video conferencing support for both the on-site participants and virtual attendees who tuned in online through the Live Streaming platform. Our team worked seamlessly together, providing great access to content while bringing out new technologies for our clients to engage with audiences more effectively.

Insights Gained from the Event

Our team of experts provided insights on some great ways for Event Organizers to engage audiences through live event streaming and video conferencing. Event organizers can reach more attendees from around the world while integrating new interactive features such as virtual presentations. Hybrid Event in Singapore effectively reaches out to more individuals while customizing the event to suit different needs. Event organizers can use this approach to reach more participants through their virtual presentations in a hybrid event.

Live event streaming through our Virtual Event Singapore team is a streamlined solution for Event Organizers to engage more attendees through online video conferencing. Event companies can customize each presentation to make their live events more personal while using virtual presentations as an added bonus. Event Organizers can also choose to use our Event Production Company team for their virtual event support as a way of ensuring participants with a wonderful experience through video conferencing.

Why Choose Us?

Our event management company in Singapore has the right tools, resources, and experience to ensure your event has a successful delivery. With our video conferencing services, we have made successful corporate events in Singapore; also, we used different interactive features such as virtual presentations, chatbox, virtual awards presentations while Live Streaming. Companies can also benefit through our Event production Company by leveraging our resources to add a personal touch to each event. Event organizers can also maximize brand exposure by leveraging our services, ensuring that their message is being effectively delivered in a unified way. Hybrid Events are just one of the few ways that Event Organizers have at their disposal to engage with audiences in an efficient and hassle-free way.

When it comes to Live Stream and Event services, technology alone is never enough. We also understand that for companies to be able to engage audiences accurately, they need a team of experts who know how to deliver each presentation in an effective manner. Our Events Management team in Singapore can provide this variety of services depending on each client’s preferences, ensuring that their processes are streamlined, and events are delivered in the most effective way possible.

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